Saturday, April 16, 2011

Steven Ma benefits from tvb exodus

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马浚伟得益离巢潮 获无线安抚或谈续约

 TVB fadans and siu sangs, lured by the money making capacity in Mainland, are leaving TVB nest in droves, inevitably causing tvb to feel the pinch from this unexpected exodus. Because of this TVB tries hard to retain all those fadans and siu sangs whose contracts are terminating soon.  Among those benefiting from this present situation is Steven Ma.

Steven has been dubbed “General Luck”, and has worked in TVB for 18 years.  Series led by him not only garnered good ratings but were also used as weapons to combat stiff competitions.

Last year, Ghost Writer, was pitted against World Cup, while this year aired in cannon fodder timeslots, both his series, Link to Temptation and 7 Days in Life,  helped stabilized the ratings accordingly.  This unfairness caused Steven to weibo his displeasure.

In view of this, TVB executives, to appease Ma’s heart and also to pave future contract renewal negotiation, arranged to have A Watchdog’s Tale and Ghost Writer broadcasted in Taiwan's TVBs station at 7 pm and in the 8 pm golden timeslot.  At the same time, in Hong Kong, Steven’s Book of Words is broadcasted daily in the 10:30 pm golden timeslot. 

The standard in the Book of Words is high, and Steven as Ma Sir has instantly rooted in the viewers’ hearts. Besides garnering high ratings, the feedback is positive, too.  Because of his righteous image, many charity organizations invited him to be their ambassadors to galvanize publicity and promotion for them.   Appearing as Guide Dog Caring Ambassador is among them.

His righteous image has brought forth huge benefits to him. An advertising sponsor has invited him to be the spokesperson for their products in China, Hong Kong and in Macao.  Seeing his recent popularity in Taiwan, he was quickly signed up to be the spokesperson for Taiwan, too.

“Also, there are these Mainland series, commercials and stage performances all in negotiations.  April and May will become money making months.  This is an unexpected boon for me.  Do well by yourself, opportunities will come. This has always been my mantra.  And reality has proved it to be so.  When hope exists, there will be tomorrows.”  Whether to stay or go, Steven says it all depends on fate.  Now, silently sowing and getting company’s attention, Steven said he is very happy.  He hopes that his career will continue to develop further.

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