Saturday, April 16, 2011

Steven Ma as the Gude Dogs Caring Ambassador.


马浚伟和爱犬Yesterday, Steven Ma  attended the event held by Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association as its Guide Dogs Caring Ambassador.  As the ambassador promoting and publicizing the services of guide dogs, Steven disclosed that since three years old he has had four pet dogs.  However, after his last pet dog died in 2000 and because of his hectic work schedule, he has not own one since then.  Steven urges everybody to think carefully because owning a pet because taking care of one is a lifetime commitment, so please do not get one on impulse.   

When the topic turned to siu sangs criticizing tvb for being harsh and for taking deep management cuts off artistes’ earnings, Steven asserted that his management cut is reasonable, not harsh at all.  But he agreed working in TVB is pretty arduous.  He once experienced going without sleep for 56 hours straight.  When asked if he protested to TVB?  He said: “No, I have worked in TVB for 18 years, so I am used to it.  I feel the hard work is worth it.  When you are happy doing what you do, then hard work is not a problem.   If not happy then the feelings are tough to bear.  Now that there is a new owner, the future is unknown. But I hope there will be changes made.”
There are rumors of Mong Fong leaving TVB to pursue filming.  Asked if Ms. Fong has invited him to make movies, Steven smiled and said he has little contact with filming, and that earlier on he encountered Ms. Fong at a concert, and that he will miss her if she truly leaves TVB.   He said: "I hope Ms. Fong will stay in TVB. Anyway, a new owner will usher in a new phase. I hope while focusing on the artistes, at the same time, will also pay attention to the behind-the-scenes employees because they too work very hard."

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