Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ultra Proctection: Video clips of assorted episodes

Note: Baidu has celing caps on  dl.  To watch the entire videos of Steven only scenes version goto steven baidu video cache

Steven as Stephen, Kei Jin Jo, the fastidious and bratty rich siu yeh zai. 
Episode 4 - Steven's first on screen kiss.

epi 19: Stephen's father and sister have been kidnapped.  Just like he was before at the start of the series.  His father had him rescued unharmed.  Now this time, their freedom and lives depend on his handling of this case to ensure their safety.  He is caving under the pressure of such monumental life or death decision.  His bodyguard and friend, Bowie is trying to calm him down. 

Steven: I've no idea what to do, none at all
Bowie: Jo,  listen to me
Steven: I'm very scared, very scared I can't get them back.
Bowie: Kei family has only you to handle this crisis. but even if you collapse, who else is there?
Steven: I can't, I can't
Bowie:  Jo, Jo, Jo, Listen to me! You must believe you can, then you can.  Before your dad was able to bring you home, now you must tell yourself you must bring them home. Do you hear me? Your dad is such a remarkable man, he would not want to see you like this. You must pull yourself together. You can't lose to Lee Wing Kuen.  If you continue to be like this, you'll lose all opportunities.  I will be with you.  Together we'll face down the situation. Ok?

Steven gives the kidnapper an ultimatum, release my dad and sis, else I'll use the x billions of money to hunt you down -- no expiration date to my threat.

Got this copyright warning from youtube.Your video, Ultra Protection 19 4, may have content that is owned or licensed by Warner Chappell.

Steven collapses as he thought he has sealed his dad's death by his incompetence.

episode 20 Steven rescues his dad and sis from the kidnappers.

source: steven ma baidu

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