Tuesday, April 12, 2011

weibo 4/11 hobby ranking

My passion for badminton does seem a bit over the top. Knew I was free this afternoon, so last night got on the phone calling up badminton partners. So played for 3 hours today! Besides my acting career making me so passionate, the 2nd one got to be it! P.S. This is my interests ranking: acting job, badminton, writing, reading, photography, cooking .......haha!

我对羽毛球的热爱,真的好像有点过头了。知道今天中午有空,昨晚就左一通右一通电话去约球友,结果刚刚又打了三个小时!看来,除了演艺工作能教我着迷以 外,第二位肯定是它了!p.s.这是我个人兴趣的最新排行榜:演艺工作,羽毛球,写、看书,摄影,乒乓球,煮饭仔․․․․․․哈哈!

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