Tuesday, April 12, 2011

weibo 4/12 Kangxi vs Nip Do Bo

4/12 19:03
Siu Yuen Tze of 14 years old ago Duke of Mt. Deer meets up with Nip Do Bo in the Forbidden City! Haha! P.S. Thanks Steven Ma baidu for the pix.  十四年前「鹿鼎記」的小玄子與「紫禁驚雷」的聶多寶在紫禁城相遇了!哈哈!p.s.多謝百度馬吧的照片

4/12 23:18 
Good evening! Tomorrow will meet with Google, the all-seeing eye dog, very happy!  Tomorrow will snap some pictures to share with you all!  How was Book of Words? 晚上好!明天會和導盲犬google見面,很開心!明天拍照給大家看!正識第一好看嗎?

4/12 23:28  I've read your posts!  I'm fine.  Lots of good stuff coming up!  Hope all's well with you all too!  我有看你們的留言的!我非常好,很多好事情要來!你們也要好好的呵!

TN: Recently, I'm re-watching Steven's scenes in DOMD 1998. He was so young then, at 27 he looked like a 17-18 teenager with flawless skin, pretty as a flower, definitely a dreamboat of a young Emperor. lol! His acting skill was already very good then.

For those who wants to view loads of Kangxi screencap :-
kangxi screencaps in baidu
tianya thread; 
sm baidu thread
sm baidu domd photo album

Link to good review on Steven's Kangxi.
For those what wants to watch Domd online in Cantonese goto youtube
For those who wants to download domd in Mandarin see below:

Here are the links up to 20 episodes (Domd has 40 in all). Steven first came out towards the end of episode 3. I love ep 5 when Steven meets Jordan's Siu Guai Tze. That scene was so good. Videos don't work in Realplayer for me, but works fine in vlc.

credit: steven ma.org
01 http://www.rayfile.com/files/8411b94a-6204-11e0-9950-0015c55db73d/
02 http://www.rayfile.com/files/beb8eff3-620a-11e0-9012-0015c55db73d/
03 http://www.rayfile.com/files/0148f2f5-6215-11e0-8e0a-0015c55db73d/
04 http://www.rayfile.com/files/17f31359-621b-11e0-b818-0015c55db73d/
05 http://www.rayfile.com/files/2eff2535-6225-11e0-9382-0015c55db73d/
06 http://www.rayfile.com/files/047e5cd1-622d-11e0-9d64-0015c55db73d/
07 http://www.rayfile.com/files/7890e08a-6238-11e0-a416-0015c55db73d/
08 http://www.rayfile.com/files/c919c28f-623f-11e0-bb34-0015c55db73d/
09 http://www.rayfile.com/files/3d33df3d-624b-11e0-96ba-0015c55db73d/
10 http://www.rayfile.com/files/574714ee-6256-11e0-8abf-0015c55db73d/
11 http://www.rayfile.com/files/54ad3ed7-62d6-11e0-b44c-0015c55db73d/
12 http://www.rayfile.com/files/61b71e85-62df-11e0-a8c9-0015c55db73d/
13 http://www.rayfile.com/files/a39c4433-62eb-11e0-9d6e-0015c55db73d/
14 http://www.rayfile.com/files/a8c14eab-62f6-11e0-9fc3-0015c55db73d/
15 http://www.rayfile.com/files/67f55461-6301-11e0-af1f-0015c55db73d/
16 http://www.rayfile.com/files/1f71fae6-630a-11e0-a71b-0015c55db73d/
17 http://www.rayfile.com/files/a604aa9c-6311-11e0-8ff9-0015c55db73d/
18 http://www.rayfile.com/files/c9eee21e-631a-11e0-9e6a-0015c55db73d/
19 http://www.rayfile.com/files/02de7b42-6321-11e0-a94c-0015c55db73d/
20 http://www.rayfile.com/files/fefd9385-632d-11e0-b0b6-0015c55db73d/

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