Sunday, April 24, 2011

weibo 4/24 Apprentice Chef, Good news

Sometimes I'm just amazed at myself as fan on how much Steven's 'mood' can also affect mine. Here I was feeling quite moody but upon reading his weibo entry below and seeing his happy smile and his bristling hair, my spirit got an immediate lift. Truly, things aren't always as black as we tend to paint them. Thanks, Steven! Not only does he have a positive attitude but he also possesses a kind personality. In his weibo prior to this one, he actually took time and energy to praise and encourage a newbie singer, 李悅君Erika,  who also sang  in the City Walk Dog Obedience Competition yesterday.

4/24 11 mins ago Just finished the prep shoot for Apprentice Chef 2. And also the opening episode. Truly praiseworthy! The shoot was superb! My thanks to the image designer for my new makeover! Outstanding! And also want to thank the supervisor, Edgar, for his on-hands supervision. I'm sure the result will be excellent. Very grateful to the director and colleagues of Apprentice Chef 2! P.S. Lately has been very happy. Received lots of good news, and also lots of opportunities. Feel very thankful! Here's wishing everybody be happy everyday, good health and no worries!

But I've learned to take Steven's good news without too much expectations. He has been promising us good news for the longest time now, but we are still no wiser as to what that may be.

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