Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011 Easter City Walk

Steven really loves dogs -- in the interview said he wish to earn enough money to buy a 3 story home out in the countryside so that he can own a big dog and have room for it to roam around.

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4/23  19:19 This photo is not bad at all! 這張拍得很不錯啊!
credit: torrie

4/23  18:15  The ceaseless relationship of humans and dogs group photo.   Today's event was very worthwhile and meaningful and very fun, too!  The dogs were so adorable, as were our very own guide dogs, Google and Iris!  A very happy afternoon spent!

人狗情未了之人狗大合照! 今天這活動真的有意義有意思又好玩! 我真的玩得很開心! 那些狗狗可愛極了,还有我們的導盲犬Google 和 Iris呢! 很快樂的一個下午!

4/23  14:09   Attending Doggies' Obedience Competition event held at Tsuen Wan as a judge and will later also sing a song.   But because of the rain, the outdoor event had to move indoor.  So meanwhile could only wait inside the van!  在荃灣準備出席「狗仔服從大比拚」活動任評判兼唱隻歌仔,但因天雨關係,要從戶外移師戶內,那現在只能在車上等了! p.s.待會兒會見到很多狗狗呢!

credit: gigi fu - she was the other judge along with Steven and Liu Xuan in this doggie event.

 Steven Ma with Liu Xuan in the event.
11 mins ago: I was truly super happy 我果真超開心!  // reposted pic from kuangai weibo
Little Piggies, good evening! The dog in the wallpaper (weibo) is guide dog, Google!  I've other things to do now!  小豬們晚上好啊! 背景的狗狗是導盲犬Google!我要先去忙別的!

credit: kuangai weibo @劉璇@馬浚偉@傅明憲


credit: weibo fanblog

credit HK Steven fans

Steven changed his weibo background design to depict his unending relationship with dogs, of course.

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