Saturday, June 11, 2011

weibo 6/11 Fat Tiger excitement

It all started with this weibo from @Jadepc. 
Recall Steven and  @枝Lam desperately seeking 胖虎 (Fat Tiger) to complete their Dingdong set.
Well, Jadepc found him and rubbing it in to them.

馬浚偉 13:10  miles of mountain ranges divided two lands, no need to meet face to face;  this Dingdong understands... but Fat Tiger is indispensable...

TN: Steven trying to butter up Ji lam with the classic children song "Mother is the best in the world"

馬浚偉13:20  That's Pretty Squid  Zai for you! Pretty(花技) is the best in the world, Little Horse (小馬) who has Pretty is like a treasure ( bo) ..... //@枝Lam 13:05: I'll be right over! You go ahead and wait patiently!!!   //Jadepc @馬浚偉 13:05 : // 馬浚偉 13:02   Ahhh!!!!!!!!!! DHL啊* //枝Lam 12:58   Won a beautiful battle, defeated a certain person!!Congratulations to you!! //林鳳翎 12:52  Wah! so lei hoi! Fat Tiger has appeared!    //@枝Lam 12:51  Wah.......!  OMG!Don't let a certain person see it!  I'm coming to snatch it!// 5/11 12:50  @Jadepc@枝Lam @馬浚偉 @林鳳翎 @winniehocat yeah!!! I won! I'm the first one to find Fat Tiger!!!

TN: While Steven spouting poetic lamentation , Ji Lam's rushes to grab Fat Tiger. lol!

steven 13:05  Life on earth has how many soulmates and how many friendships can last......DHL @枝Lam 12:51  Wah.......!  OMG!Don't let a certain person see it!  I'm coming to snatch it!

錢串子or野菜DJ @Jadepc 13:10: How come Mainland doesn't have this kind of bonus prizes? Did you have the whole collection set? 

Jadepc @錢串子or野菜DJ 13:12 : No, no, still missing a lot ....unlike a certain person who is only missing Fat Tiger

錢串子or野菜DJ @Jadepc   13:13: guess you did this to purposely rile him up

Jadepc 回覆@錢串子or野菜DJ  13:13: Right!!!!!  So purposely posted Fat Tiger to rile him up

浚家芊芊(steven fan) 13:14 :  jadepc。Your Fat Tiger made Ji Jie and my 4th Brother envious。。

Jadepc @浚家芊芊 13:16 : That's why I used it to bait them~ because they have all the others except Fat Tiger while I have none but this Fat Tiger.

*DHL=courier delivery
Haha! While Steven waits patiently or impatiently for Fat Tiger to be delivered by DHL to him,  枝Lam 
takes the more direct and faster route of going personally to inveigle Jadepc to let her have Fat Tiger or if that fails to wrestle it from her. Steven, learn from Ji Lam, you have to be more assertive and aggressive to get things you want.  


Steven 13:45  Wishing everybody a nice weekend!  Haha!

馬浚偉13:10 說有萬里山,隔阻兩地遙,不需见面,叮噹也知曉,胖虎是少不了.....

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