Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thunder: Uncle Choi's weibo

Haha! I think Uncle Choi is getting really excited about this series. He is rallying his troop on weibo, galvanizing them to look sharp on opening night. Hope the series won't disappoint.

6/19 19:38 Imperial Concubine and Chi Way Pavilion Imperial Guards, you're all very patriotic ya! News travels fast in the tiny Forbidden City, but where is the Emperor?

Ben Wong 20:27 : The Emperor went to a reunion! It's Father's Day ma!
Uncle Choi 21:29: Will not lit the fire on Father's Day but comes July 25 @ 8:30, no excuses.

Uncle Choi's missive to his troop.
6/19 18:33南沙群島* has being invaded by Vietnam and The Philippines, and Imperial Russia is covertly stealing the natural resources, and also vigorously instigating conspiracies and plotting schemes; the aggressive encroachments continue unabated; hope the national military get to work; including the Imperial Guards, to advance boldly and undaunted; let the Forbidden City sounds the frightening thunder to eliminate evil-doers.

Elaine Yiu: Good!

Ben Wong: 18:58 Uncle Choi, nei ho ye! Commentary plus advertising: Forbidden City sounds the frightening thunder to eliminate evil-doers. Do you concede?

Steven 22:19: Nip Dou Bo, here! At Imperial Uncle Choi's order, all Imperial Guards work as one to defeat outside enemies! "Forbidden City sounds the frightening thunder, all demons and devils panicked". Who's scared of whom? Charge ya!

Jack Hu 22:28: Here!


Uncle Choi: 6/18 00:38 The characterizations of Thunder’s personas are basically inspired by history, while the details we inflated. Every person’s life is bound to that imperial city. Feudalistic and sinister, behind the splendor and a high moralistic platform, how to confront tyranny? Simply nerve racking, fortunately there exist weapons of justice as well as a blast of thunder to frighten off the demons. 

* Spratly Islands, disputed between China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam


  1. I don't agree with the way Uncle Choi merges the politics and plot of Thunder will easily make Vietnam fans and Philipines fans get angry and work against.

  2. I think maybe Spratly Islands is featured in Thunder's story as ancient history as they were included in KangXi's territorial map. Just like how Taiwan dispute was part of Li Shi Ming's historical tv series. And how Imperial Russians are featured in Duke of Mt Deer series. So not as modern politics but rather as ancient politics.

    But you're right since Spratly Islands dispute is still ongoing, it is best not to mention it on weibo.