Sunday, June 19, 2011

weibo 6/19 100% Magazine Prawn chip hairstyle

6/19 23:10 Who still remember this 100% Magazine?  Year 93, November, I entered industry less than half a year!  This time is not sea weed hair but prawn chip hair! Haha! Prawn chip as cover, awesome!

tsuiyy  What a perfect real life Ga Bou Yuk*, handsome!

Anita Tai 23:21 Your this hairstyle...I still have our group photo at home ya! 

Steven: Really, ta ta? When have the time, post it up so everybody can have a laugh wo!  Talking about which, we are about the same generation, seems like you see me enter the industry.
Anita Tai: Right, Ma Chi Wai 

Steven: So li lo (Sorry)  Actually I entered the industry earlier than you. At the time, you're still sported the very image of a student. I still remember, Ah TA! 

Anita Tai:  How can I bear to get angry at you ya, only suddenly remembering our 'green' years. Luckily our friendship still keep till now!  

TN:  Awww!  So sweet to Steven-Anita's exchange! 
Google Anita Tai -- she's a HK reporter.

*Ga Bou Yuk = character from the Chinese classic, The Red Mansion Dream.  I agree Steven at that age would be perfect as Ga Bou Yuk.

How would Steven describe this hairstyle?  haha!


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