Friday, June 10, 2011

Thunder's themesong mv behind the scenes clip

Date of mv: 5/27 2011 

Ref:  related weibo

reporter = R
Steven = S

R: Prior to singing and shooting the mv for Thunder's theme song, Steven not only had to rehearse his singing first but also his fighting skill.

S: Actually this song is Thunder's theme song; because the title of the song is still undecided* so can't tell you all at this time.  In Thunder, I portrayed a highly skilled martial arts imperial guard, the person who protects the Emperor and also all the high ranking ministers inside the Forbidden City.  So for this mv, the director especially invited Wai Zai, he's our martial arts choreographer, to add some martial arts elements, in hope that the mv will complement the story in the series.  In the series, there are many fighting scenes. It can be said that since entering the industry, Thunder is the series I had the most fighting scenes. Just now, Wai Zai gave me many action moves which they had especially simplified for me to perform. If the actions are of higher difficulty,  may need to have wire or body doubles to help accomplished.  Maybe later hopefully will add in more actions,  can't be too difficult because it is very hot, luckily this arrangement is not too bad.

R:  When seeing Ma Zai on the screen, would think that shooting series is of top priority to him, but actually in his heart, he still loves music.

S: Actually, people know, or should know that I entered the industry as a singer, but I've not released a music album for many years now, but I haven't abandon my singing. For instance, I sang most of my series theme songs and also there are outside performances such as in the US, Canada, and also those 1-2 hours stage performances.  I've never given up on singing.  As to releasing a music album, it's in the plan but have to take it slowly because right now there are too much work on hand.  Such as filming series, hosting, other performances as well as writing a book, too much other work to do.  Maybe in the future will be able pick it up and do some album related work again.**

TN: *The title of the song is either Changing Sky or Cold Arrow  (from weibo photo)
**In other words, Steven will not be releasing a music album anytime soon.  Boo!

Do pay attention to Steven's eyes which had obviously be enlarged and 'beautified'.  Steven looked very beautiful in the video.  Gotta say Steven's Mandarin is pretty good though intonation still sounded slightly off.  I think Steven spoke Mandarin the best during the two years 2004-2005 he freelance in China

credit vid: tudou

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