Friday, June 10, 2011

weibo 6/10 re series Thunder

steven 6/10 20:34 A very happy day , met many Thunder's old friends! From left: Me, seasoned Director Lo Zan Ngok, seasoned veteran actor Ah Dei (Kwok Fung), young, talented and pretty Ling Guide Lam (Lam Fung Ling)!  Very happy!

材叔 Today's dubbing recording was truly bustling, there were Nip Do Bo, Ga Ga,  Nap Lan Sing Dak, Siu Chui and good voice narrator, Ji Sing, the whole team of directors, the whole team of assistant directors, the smell of battle is very strong.  King Makers' outpost battle...Thunder of the Forbidden City.

 太開心的一天,遇上很多「紫禁」老友!左起:我>經驗十足的資深導演岳少(羅鎮岳)>資深演技實力派演員阿爹(郭峰)>年輕有為又美美的玲導(林鳳翎)!開心啊!@林鳳翎 @郭鋒TVBHK

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