Saturday, June 11, 2011

video: Steven and Fala's 30fen Interview

30fen tv station

Today, Steven Ma is recording Apprentice Chef that he hosted.  He reveals that as host of this show he has gotten many benefits. Besides being able to invite seasoned chefs and receive cooking tips from them and taste their cooking, he also receives many benefits from outside.

Steven: It's quite happy, because now when going out to eat there's
Reporter: Free meal?
Steven: No, no, of course not.  I'll pay the full. But maybe sometimes they say they'll give me a 10% discount.  Or maybe give complimentary fruits

Reporter:  give good food for you to eat

Steven: or of own accord recommend various kinds of dishes

During the interview, the special guest, Fala Chen, just arrived. They have a very good relationship, even addressed each other as brother and sister.  So when brother calls, how can the sister reject? 

Fala: Of course, lah!  I've eaten a lot of his dishes already

Steven: I've also eaten quite a bit of her dishes.

Reporter: Is he good?

Fala: His cooking is ok.

Steven: Fala's cooking is very good. I didn't expected that. At first I.  she doesn't look like someone who can cook?

Fala: In what way? Not know how to cook?

Steven: Look at you, so dainty looking. Like a pearl on the palm.

Reporter:  Have you ever cooked for your boyfriend?

Fala: Cook for Ah Gor first.

Will not transcribe Fala's response to her ex-colleague Ms. Kwan of Neway company not renewing contract because of lack of promotion for her.  Fala denies that wasn't the case.  Steven interjects and asks to leave a spot for him.

Steven: ask the (music) company to leave a spot for me

Reporter: to sing a duet?

Steven: You let me write the lyrics for you. Yes?

Fala: You'll overshadow me.  Your voice is so powerful

Steven: I'll write a song for you.  Not sing

Fala: Write a song?

credit: 30fen tv channel

Will transcribe later

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