Saturday, June 11, 2011

weibo 6/11 Thunder

6/11 20:46  Reviewing Thunder's pictures brought back lots of memories! In the series, Nip Do Bo is brutally beaten innumerable times, seriously wounded hovering between life and death.  As for me, I had experienced once losing my voice and twice suffering from acute bronchitis, with wounded hands and sprained legs! Arduous? A bit but worth it.  Working hard with a group of cast and crew of same mind, that feeling of satisfaction surpassed everything else!  To be able to collaborate with them was a blessing!  I will treasure the coming years! Old friends, work hard together, add oil together!

I hate to watch brutal scenes of beating and its like, and what's more, of Steven's.  haiz!

翻看「紫禁驚雷」的照片,回憶無數!戲中聶多寶被虐打無數,傷得死去活來,而我也同時經歷了一次失聲和兩次嚴重氣管炎,手腳瘀傷扭傷無數!辛苦?有點,但 值得。和理念一致的台前幕後齊打拼,滿足感已蓋過一切!能和他們共聚共事,真是福氣!好,我會好好珍惜往後的歲月!老友們,一起努力,一起加油!

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