Sunday, June 12, 2011

weibo 6/12 Gentle Crackdown 2

Steven reposting the weibo's  post on The rerun of Th Gentle Crackdown II is showing on Sichuan TV Station this weekend.....   and Yumiko and some other cast members responded to Steven's weibo.

6/12 13:09  Recently, there have been many tv stations broadcasting my shows!  Thank you for their support! 最近很多电视台在重播小弟的戲呢!谢谢支持!

13:30  Do you know where Leung Choi Yun (the province)  is?  It is Uncle Choi's hometown!  haha 知道"良才懸"在那嗎?就是@材叔 梁材遠的老家呢!哈哈!

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