Wednesday, June 22, 2011

weibo 6/22 badminton lesson & Sharon Chan as AC's guest

 6/22  11:48 Having my badminton lesson with Coach right now......Tonight Apprentice Chef will have pretty long legs jie jie ( tn:sister) Sharon Chan cook with me a delicious dish called Jade Pearl.

@Coach 伍良華教練the criterion for ball slam is very important, Ma Zai, you did it.

6/22 12:29  Thank you, young brother Coach Wah!  I still need to learn 鬼影變幻球!  (ghost shadow illusion ball)

林鳳翎 : Coach Ng, please reserve this one stroke "毀容式殺球"(disfigurement ball slam) from him. Don't teach him.  I won't stand a chance (against it)!   
steven 6/22 12:38  Don't be silly, Leader Ling! When the ball sees your beauty it will stop itself ma!  


多謝華dee教練!我仲要學"鬼影變幻球"架! //@伍良華教練:殺球的準繩很重要,馬仔,你做到了

@伍良華教練 羽球訓練中......今晚大廚有美美的長腿姐姐@陈敏之 和我同煮一道名為"翡翠明珠"的美味菜式!

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