Monday, July 4, 2011

weibo 2011 July 4 luncheon meat egg noodles

7/4 15:24 The day before went to a beach side diner for lunch.  The lady owner warmly and smilingly asked: What do you want to eat? I asked: What's there to eat? She said: Noodles ya! Teammate asked what kind of noodles, she said: instant noodles! Then what kind of side dishes? She said: Luncheon meat and eggs etc. Another teammate asked: Any others besides those? She said: Yes, there are eggs, luncheon meat etc!  We instantly cracked with laughter!  The outcome is that the playful lady owner made us five bowls of playful luncheon egg noodles.  Thank you!

TN:Steven has such a positive attitude.  Other people would have found the situation of having no-choice order in a diner annoying, never mind finding humor in it.  When young, I loved eating luncheon meat and spam, but now aware of their nutritional (or lack of nutritional and fat ) value, I seldom eat them anymore. 

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