Sunday, July 3, 2011

series: WTLB screencaps and still photos

Steven reminiscing on Siu Yun Zi had me reminiscing on his past series.  Of all his ancient drama series, his Cho Ji to me is the most beautiful of all his characters.  Besides his fine features and jade like smoothness of his complexion, his beauty comes from deep within: from the purity of his heart and inborn literary talent; his ingenuousness comes from his genuineness and his sanguine disposition.  Because of his total trust in family, the  betrayal of his older brother and the loss of his beloved, Fu Yi, are all that more heart wrenching  which totally destroyed him and lay waste his innate literary talents. Steven totally brought life to Cho Ji; he was Cho Ji and Cho Ji was him.

Smile and eyes exuding self-confidence when the world was his still oyster.

 7 step poem

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Gentle glance. 
 Child-like, innocent Cho Ji

7 step poem

screencaps source: sm baidu

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