Friday, July 1, 2011

Video: 30 fen Steven commenting on Shirley's news

Voice: Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee have been in a relationship for 9 years, recently there was even a rumor about them getting married in a church this year.  But just a few days ago, Shirley unexpectedly announced her breakup with Gregory, surprising many with her news.  Even her former co-star, Steven Ma, who attended an event today, expressed his surprise at their breakup and felt sorry for his co-star's breakup.

Steven: It is a pity because just 2 weeks ago I met Si Kei mui, and I even congratulated her. Because earlier I had read the news that she was going to get married.  So half jokingly I said "Congratulations to you" ; smiled and chatted for a while.  Still the same comment, the relationship between two persons, only them know the ins and outs.  If want to be together or decide to part, they always have their own reasons.  So hope whether stay together or part that they will be happy and continue to live their lives, that's what's most important.

Voice: Talking about good friend, Eunice Lam, being reported to be hospitalized with a serious illness but Ma Zai says he has already communicated with her and that his good friend has already recovered.

Steven: very happy, very happy to find out that she was not as seriously ill as being reported.  I only disclose this because I've her permission to do so.  Actually what she has had was a minor inflammation of the lungs, but due to recent air being worse and that strain of bacteria being more aggressive so the hospital suggested hospitalization for observation before discharging her.  Actually, she has already being discharged.

Reporter: Discharged already? Happy for her.  So she can attend her book exhibition?

Steven: Right

2011-07-01 30 fen Steven on Shirley Yeung's news
Steven Ma attending the imperial court series of herbal supplements of Han Sang Hong.

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