Friday, July 1, 2011

Series: The Life and Times of a Sentinel (Thunder)

狂愛kuangaiTVB【TVBMonthly201108】 The Life And Times Of A Sentinel (紫禁驚雷), theme song, Changing Sky《變天》by Steven Ma. TVB Jade Channel and HD Jade. Airing July 25 M-F 8:30 pm.

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Steven Ma, martial arts master; Kenneth Ma, enigmatic. 

Steven Ma in the ancient drama series, The life and times of a Sentinel, portrays a highly skilled martial arts imperial guard.  In the series, as a common citizen passing the exam he enters the palace as an imperial guard.  Steven says: This series has lots of fighting scenes.  Luckily I have collaborated in the past with this very martial arts choreographer so he knows the level of my kung fu skill.  My character knows a variety of kung fu styles such as taichi, wing chun, etc.  But performing them were not so arduous because the weather was relatively cool and also the body double helped out.  Actually this role is quite fun, lots of acting from within,  my most since my debuted series, very challenging.

In the ancient drama series, Kenneth Ma portrays 2nd Prince who is extremely meticulous and ruthless.  In the series, he uses Steven as a pawn to hopefully overthrow Kang Xi, but Steven gradually wises up to his true colors.  Kenneth says: The dialogs in the series are more on the genteel side, when performed were quite arduous!  Moreover, this character is an enigmatic person, needs lots of acting from within, in the past, I had never acted this kind of somber character, so to me it had a certain level of difficulty.

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