Saturday, July 9, 2011

weibo 7/ 9 Uncle Choi's praise for Steven

Uncle Choi weibo  7/8 10:33 So actually there are many friends who also like AJCL, unfortunately this platform (weibo) did not exist at the time for fans to gather. The passing of time has witnessed Steven's growth. In Sentinel, see Chow Yun Fat, Simon Yam and Ray Lui kind of acting skills. If you comprehend what is called acting skill then come along. Watch his sparring with Kenneth Ma. The strength of a great TVB traditional leading man is back!

Steven 7/9 11:01: Wah Uncle Choi, too over the top ba? 不敢當啊!(I don't dare to receive the honor/I don't deserve your praise / you flatter me)

秋夜静独思 7/9 14:45 Curious, what's the definition of a traditional leading man?

Uncle Choi @秋夜静独思: 7/9 18:27 A traditional leading man is very professional, works diligently alongside the crew members. The most important being that he puts in his all, never arrogant. We all eat off the same lunch box. When completed a scene, mutually shared the excitement, that was a kind of 'love' , the love of your scenes/series you filmed.

My comment posted

I have earlier posted Uncle Choi's high praise for Steven's acting (see entry below) but fearing netizens' backlash or antipathy against Steven that Uncle Choi's politically incorrect though heartfelt comment may incur, I later deleted it but since Steven has now belatedly acknowledged Uncle Choi's post and since that comment is now ubiquitous on weibo, I hereby repost it again. Understand that this is only Uncle Choi's personal opinion not Steven's.

My earlier deleted comment:
Woah! Uncle Choi heaped such a high praise on Steven's performance in Sentinel. But some Steven fans and I cringed to read his effusive comparison of Steven to the three famous actors. Given this is the entertainment world where every word evokes consequences, Uncle Choi's comment is definitely not pc. It is not prudent of Uncle Choi to compare Steven to other actors, what's more to famous actors such as the trio. Uncle Choi, remember Leon Lai comparison? 

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