Monday, July 11, 2011

weibo 7/11 Anachronism in Sentinel

7/11 17:47 【Sentinel -- behind the scenes 】An anachronism: the city gate tower on TV City ancient drama street is a must filming spot for all TVB's Qing and ancient drama series. Of course, the videocamera will never be position for this particular angle or else  The Sentinel will have "Pu Chong Ling" blessing you  "golden destiny" (AJCL) and "My dog buddy" (A Watchdog's Tale) "dancing on the streets" (Steps), and later made a date to watch together "7 days' love" (7 days in a life) and afterwards "remits love all over the land" (A land of wealth) will truly a part of The life and times of a sentinel.  Haha!
7/12 01:22   BTW, Sentinel's promo is truly awesome! The pull of a mystery, demands pursuit demands speculation! The mystery of birth? Who's with who and with who?  heehee!  



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