Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sentinel - Uncle Choi's clues to plot

From Uncle Choi's sina weibo
Sentinel's secret codes to unraveling the plot:
1. Rapacious ambition
2. A sagacious monarch of his generation 
3. Beguiling females
4. Befuddling the Emperor
5. Brotherhood bond
6. Patriotism
7. The Qing Dynasty
8. The Rightful Son of Heaven (the heaven mandated Emperor)
9: Concealments and manipulations
10: Insurgents' conspiracy

Chinese idioms
狼子野心:  ambition of wild wolves ; rapacious designs
匡扶社稷: to earnestly support one’s country

Uncle Choi weibo 20:03 紫禁密碼 續篇: 001 狼子野心 002 一代明君 003妖媚女子 004迷惑皇上 005兄弟同心 006匡扶社稷 007大清江山 008真命天子009隻手遮天010密謀造反

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