Thursday, July 14, 2011

weibo 7/14 columnist

7/14 09:31 Good morning! Later will write a column in the supplement of a new newspaper under the flagship, Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings. (HKET)  The content has total freedom, not bad at all! Right now wish to do an opinion consultation: What kind of content do you want to read in the column?  Also, what should I call the column, any suggestions?  Thank you!

tn: Hong Kong Economic Times is the number-one financial daily in Hong Kong. So happy for Steven. This must be one of Steven good news.  Hope all the good news that he has been holding back can now be shared with  us.  Like music, writing is in Steven's genetic make-up.  Wish him success.

So, any suggestions? What he did not mention is what is the target market? What's the newspaper about?

Eta: Steven has settled on 「一筆馬」as the title for his column in the newspaper.


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