Tuesday, July 5, 2011

weibo 7/5 Steven as guest lecturer

7/5 12:47 Class is over!  In this two hour class, the laughter was nonstop! Hope my very small sharing will impart a bit of inspiration to you all, or leave behind a beautiful imprint. Wishing all Language students and teachers-to-be at the Hong Kong education institute a bright future! Even more so wish when one day stepping out of the school campus to enter society you all can still maintain today's upright and retain that child in you! Students, add oil!


TN: Lucky students.  A few students left words on Steven weibo thanking him for a most wonderful lecture.  And one said he was more humorous than expected and more handsome in person than on screen. 

What impressed me about Steven is his knowing himself well including his own strengths and weaknesses, and his self-confidence in himself, his pursuit of self-improvement, and his courage to try new things and broaden his horizon. Right now, I applaud him for testing the waters as a motivational guest speaker/lecturer in other fields. 

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