Wednesday, July 6, 2011

weibo 7/6 Dingdong gift

 7/6 10:33 Three little pigs gave me this gift...very moved! It's not how it worth but that this set of Dingdong cartoon figures, every one of them is a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle figure put together piece by piece.  That kindly feeling is priceless! Thank you to you!

 TN: Gift to Steven is from his loyal Hong Kong fans of HK Steven Ma fanclub.  I  think besides the Dingdong above, they also gave him other presents as shown in the picture below.  Gathered from the weibo before the fans must have waited for Steven at some place, hence the statement about feeding the mosquitoes.  Really not easy as fans.  lol! But seeing Steven's happiness made it all worthwhile.

torrie 7/5 20:00  Mission accomplished
Kuku tang 20:05 1st mission accomplished, now 2nd mission feed the mosquitoes


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