Tuesday, September 20, 2011

editorial back tracking on Steven's weibo VL's rejection of LOTYEF

Having browsed Steven's August weibo entries I further browsed his June weibo entries. From this report, Steven received Tsui Siu Ming's tv series offer in June, which VL disapproved in less than an hour, curious I re-read his June weibo entries but couldn't sense anything amiss in them. They were his usual cheerful, chatty entries intermixed with his usual dollops of maxim entries. His entries didn't indicate any inkling at all of his deep disappointment.

TN: FYI, at the start of his weibo, some fans got worried on some of his more melancholic poems or poetic entries, Steven clarified that those entries were not necessarily based on his own feelings or experiences, past or present, but that they were written just for the pure joy of writing, that's all.

Was it on June 1st? or June 9th or June 20th or (?). The rest of his June weibo entries were just innocuous chatters.

6/1 19:03
Many little piggies (Steven fans) ask me when is my next series....heehee, soon! Let me get "Chef" done first, only then be immerse in the series production. As to what the new series is...will tell you all later! Haha! Recently have received many scripts from Mainland. Very happy and very grateful of their sincerity. Although due to time conflict may not be able to collaborate but this show of appreciation I will take to heart! Thank you!

6/2 21:00
4th Brother's maxim:
Don't make problem seem so big, don't make opportunity seem so small;
don't make result seem so important, don't make giving seem so insignificant;
don't put fame and wealth so far ahead, don't put conscience so far back;
don't see yourself too highly, don't see others too lowly.

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6/9 【4th Brother's maxim】
Do not respond to ignorance with anger,
Do not reply to selfishness with distress,
Do not react to callousness with disappointment,
Refrain from retorting on the injustice;
Please use knowledge to change destiny,
Use attitude to influence life tribulations,
Smile to defuse hostility,
Use today to create tomorrow.


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6/16 19:18
Why not smile?
Friends asked me: Why always smiling? Ho ho! Actually unhappiness usually arises out of disappointment, which often came about because the wishful thinking or anticipated outcome did not pan out. As a person, must maintain an optimistic and positive attitude, to be able to advance towards a goal is already without regrets. Why calculate the unforeseeable? Second guessing this and that, why bother! Just que sera sera whatever will be, will be, and be happy and be at ease! If not unhappy, then it is happy! that being the case, why not smile?

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6/20 00:10
Actually, as a person, happy or unhappy still needs to live! Who doesn't have worries, no hardships? Prone to grievances and resentments will only create hardship for self. Maybe some people would say: easier said than done. True, action is undoubtedly difficult! But since already in pain; action, how difficult can it be? Friends, don't over think. Don't immerse in misery, don't sink into sorrow, don't wallow in self-pity! Wake up, gather up your courage, lift up your head puff out your chest, continue to walk! Add oil!

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6/22 00:28
~4th Brother's Maxim~
Always say it is the others' fault, yet never contemplate their own lapses;
Always envy the happiness of others, yet ignorant of their own blessings;
Always sit there criticizing others, yet never put their words into action;
Always magnify their own pain, yet overlooking the suffering of others;
Always complain about worldly injustices, yet never look inward in self-reflection.
Please do not be such a person! Mutual sharing.

This entry is included just because I like it.
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6/30 23:19
What is this person to you?
When lonely will say to you: "Don't worry, I'll keep you company!"
When frightened will say to you: "Don't fear, I'm here!"
When lost will say to you: "Don't panic, follow me!"
When fallen will say to you: "Don't be scared, give me your hand!"
When helpless will say to you: "Don't cry, you can do it!"
Such a person, who's he/she to you?

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