Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Browsing through his August weibo entries showed Steven's high EQ. Steven sent out his request for prematurely terminating his contract on August 21st 2011. Besides the two Pain, and Game over weibo entries, his August entries showed no sign of extreme emotions, nevermind that infamous entries of him 'whining' about TVB favoritism and being disfavored. And of course, with hindsight I now viewed his entries with new eyes and a different perspective, second guessing his words for deeper meaning.

starting with 8/20- (the day before he sent out his termination request) to Aug 31

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8/ 20 17:35
Ideals can't be realized just by sitting around.
If needs to stand up then stand, needs to pursue then go pursue, don't question again. The future will have the answer.

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8/21 07:25
On the first day of Prosperous Father, saw this dog on the street, haha, big and cute! Wishing smooth sailing on the first of work, everybody's flourishing!

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8/ 21 23:34
Game, not necessarily must finish it. If worthy of staying then stay, if time to go then go! Don't imagine impossible illusion into thousands of millions of brilliant lights. You lit up the lights? Then I go turn them off? Also feel helpless!
If can see then see, if can't then never mind! Haha! Forget it!

4-line poem
Fervently observe the heat of Summer and Spring being driven away,
The coldly treated pine, bamboo and plum trees stand proud.
Heads held up high under severe humiliation and bullying,
Once more ask how much longer must the endurance last.
 Just saying, that's all!

P.S. Not sure if Steven composed the above poem or not but can't find it in google or baidu. Steven is well versed in composing impromptu poetry, and often write them or post poems to vent his feelings. Once, he even held a poetry composition contest among his weibo fans.

Note:Pine, bamboo and plum trees can withstand the cold and harshness of winter therefore symbolize endurance and hardiness to the Chinese people.

8/21 23:59
It's not that I didn't know, just that I didn't want to know!
Because knowing is often painful! But no matter how painful, in the end will know.
Outcome: knowing is very painful; outcome: painful from knowing.

From 8/22-8/30 mostly trite entries except for 2 notable entries with possible deeper meaning.

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8/26 17:30
In this extremely chaotic secular world rampant with evil, is it feasible or possible to uphold one's own belief, and adhere to the right path? This insignificant series, is it a reflection of the entirety of the big world outside? Or is it the big picture miniaturized? Treat it as entertainment or treat it as the reality, doesn't matter. Anyway, I still believe that evil will not win over the good! Tonight at 8:30 pm, 2 and 1/2 hours in all, see you all at Sentinel finale. Nip Dor Bo.

8/ 27 23:50
Whether it's 4th Brother or 4th Prince, aren't they all me? Haha! I am grateful to you all for always being there for me, accompanying me all the way. To shoot a series, how much heart and effort had been put into it by the cast and crew? Sometimes really difficult to put into words. That kind of exhaustion, that kind of pressure, often times can only let out a sigh to unwind! In my eighteen years in TVB I have made many good friends, we had happiness and sadness, had blood and tears, and together we put in our all to finish a series, lots of hardships but felt the sweetness in the heart! My friends, I will treasure them all. Steven fans nicknamed Steven '4th Brother because he is 4th in his family.

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