Thursday, September 15, 2011

steven ma terminating contract early
Steven Ma Deprecates Self as Mother's Boy, needs security from the Company.

2011年09月15日 (05:06 pm)

It is rumored that Steven Ma will leave TVB home to venture outside.  Today he took a phone interview with Commercial Radio Station, leaving much leeway he said: "Currently negotiating with the company. Everybody, please give the company and me time."  He also deprecated self as a mother's boy, and that he needs the company to give him a bit more security.

When brought up that the series, Sentinel, has just recently finished broadcasted and that its ratings are not too bad, Steven said that the producer has discussed about celebrating with the cast but everybody was busy so could not decide on the time.  "The ratings being this good is already very happy. Even if Company treats me to partake a cake, I'll be very satisfied already."  He also said he does not have discord with Ms. Lok. 

Michael Tse Derides Steven Ma as Little Kid Fighting over Toys. [17:44] 2011/09/15

Actor, Michael Tse, was at the event for "Life of Omission" .  When asked about Raymond Lam having confidence to fight for TV King, Michael felt that every artist who is in the competition will have self-confidence.  On an aside, brought up that Steven Ma being dissatisfied with his series though getting high ratings did not get acknowledged, or having any celebratory event.  Asked Michael if he had called him up to console him and tell him not to be so petty?  Michael said: "He should not act like a little kid as if fighting over toys, and said the parents are biased."

See video in below post.

Steven Ma admits to be TVB mother's boy  [20:07] 2011/09/15
Steven Ma on a phone interview explains about his leaving tvb rumor. He says: "Still negotiating on the contract. (Not on good terms with Virginia Lok?) Don't see much of each other, mostly talk about work."   About tvb rejecting Mainland series, Steven says the series will finally start production in the middle of next month: "I'll have the opportunity to shoot it. " (Will you miss TVB?)  I will.  As far as work is concerned, I'm a mother's boy."

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