Friday, September 16, 2011

Mt's vs SM's response

see MT disses SM video  a few post below
source: Excerpts from a Ming Pao report

Results Good or Bad See numbers
Michael Tse's words verbatim: "If he truly said that then I feel that he was being immature, a bit like a little kid, like Daddy Mommy buying toys, buy for me but not for him!  40 points is only a number.A series should look at the average, the hits on the website, the viewers and forum feedback.

As to TVB helping "Omission" to celebrate? MT said:"I didn't blow my own horn. There are numbers to substantiate. The company noticed them that's why there's celebration to share the happiness."

Have he collaborated with Steven before? He said: "Many years ago collaborated on Cupid Stupid but it has not been aired. At the time, there wasn't even a blessing ceremony to commence production but he did not say anything. Maybe it was the company's policy. I did my part, did not feel being given the cold shoulders."

So does he think Steven was being too petty? MT said: "I didn't say that."

What was the purpose of MT bringing up Steven not complaining about Cupid Stupid not having a blessing ceremony but is now complaining about not having a celebration?  

Don't Need Outsiders' Inputs
Reporter called up Steven.  As to being called immature by Michael Tse, Steven replied that he believes MT must have misunderstood.  Outsiders cannot understand at all what he and TVB are discussing about.  Moreover, he also does not require other people's inputs. He clarified that he has never minded whether there's celebration or not, but has always kept a temperate heart. Steven said: "Maybe Michael saw the news report mentioning "Omission" and misunderstood.  That is not important. I'm grateful to kind opinions if from the heart. I only hope that people will not make conjectures but let me resolve this problem by myself."

Read these men's responses, and see how gracious Steven's response was to Michael's arrogant and insensitive response.

Listen to Steven's interview with Eileen Cha on  sm baidu
download link on megaupload 


  1. I find it interesting that some people are using the average ratings thing to defend Michael's comments and attitude. It doesn't matter to me that Sentinel's average ratings were lower than LOO's because ratings have never been important to me -- but even if LOO's overall ratings was higher, doesn't mean that Michael was "right" in criticizing Steven...and it definitely doesn't mean that he's not being arrogant -- it's about the attitude, not the numbers. He could very well have made the point about the average ratings thing without coming off so cocky...

    Anyway, I think I'm going to stop commenting on the issue on AF now...cuz the more I do, the more frustrated I get...

    Btw...great job on the translation of the article...

  2. to Illwy12:

    Michael T didn't have to compare LOO and Sentinel at all (like mentioning about the average ratings etc). There's no point in comparing, since both dramas are completely different. And he knows that his drama got overly promoted and hyped up, so good ratings is inevitable. If it was another (mature) artist, he would congratulate Steven for his series' high ratings and say that good dramas are recognized by the public without the need of a celebration or anything. Or just simply don't give any comments.

  3. lizzy: I agree with you. A mature less arrogant artist would have been gracious with his remark, and not went overboard to prove just how much better his series was vs Sentinel.

    llwy12: I'll also stop commenting on AF. What is interesting to me is that MT supporters see nothing wrong with MT dissing a fellow colleague in a public event on tv, and the arrogant way he presented his 'lecture' on ratings.

  4. Sorry, but MT is a douche. We can really see who the bigger person is here. MT just so uneducated, crass, and petty.