Saturday, September 17, 2011

Steven Ma's decision to leave is set

Yesterday, there was new rumors about Steven Ma and TVB's contract termination situation.  It was rumored that Steven's decision was set. He hinted that his relationship with Virginia Lok is not that good.  This reporter called up Steven to verify.  He admitted that he is working to resolve the problem with TVB but declined to reveal details: "I don't want to say too much, let the company handle it. (To terminate the contract?) Yes, it's contract termination issue."

Lok pointed out that the timing of Steven's request to leave is very close to the award ceremony, and that Steven wanted to use this opportunity to present his 'special requests'.  To this Steven reply: "I'm right now negotiating termination of contract not renewal of contract. Don't confuse the situation. I didn't put out any special requests."  He also said that when the whole thing is settled, there will be a public announcement.

“Is he happy now that he is in the Mainland tv series."

Eileen Cha asked Steven the above question in his interview. There was a pregnant pause before Steven said without much emotion:”Yes, happy..” however the unspoken “BUT” was quite palpable, at least to me. At this moment when his voice should be filled with joy, it was surprisingly flat.

Just like this weibo entry from Tsui yong yong: 今日喜見初晴,內心是悲是喜?真難細描細述。
Today happy to see the beginning of clear (weather), the heart is sad or happy? Truly difficult to describe.

I guess Tsui’s entry describes precisely Steven’s present feelings. Sad why all these unpleasant happenings that forced his hands. Steven has reiterates many times that he truly loves TVB this organization, because he has so many good friends there, and it is his 2nd home. So he had tussled over his decision, a very painful decision judging from his “no matter how it turns out, the outcome is painful.” So to use happy is truly an inappropriate word to describe his mood.

Steven's happiness is greatly tempered, leaving a taste of bitterness in his mouth. Why all those obstacles in between before the acceptance? Not to mention acrimony caused by the whole incident. If not for Tsui Siao Ming support of him, Steven would have lost this golden opportunity. It is an honor to act in a CCTV tv series as they are considered of higher quality with recognized acting and of a more serious production.
From previous news reports, Steven had wished to sign up a per series contract with TVB but with all this hoopla, guess it’s not possible now. 

So yeah, not exactly happy but less unhappy, that’s all.


  1. Hey Tamaya, Great Work with this Fan Blog...I check it everyday :)

    Just wondering whether you can give some indication as to what the general opinions are with HKers and Mainland citizens regarding this whole MT dissing SM incident and Steven's decision to leave TVB?

  2. Glad you like the blog.

    Don't know about online HK netizens' opinions but mainland websites like tvb baidu and sina weibo show a landslide support for Steven while berating MT for his disrespect and arrogance shown towards Steven.