Saturday, September 17, 2011

Steven's role in the Mainland tv series

Steven's character in the Mainland tv series - The Founding of Yuan Dynasty.

Liu was not only a wise advisor to Kublai Khan and a consummate statesman, he was also an accomplished writer with many published literary work of his time.

Liu Bingzhong (劉秉忠) (1216–1274), or Liu Kan (劉侃), was born in Ruizhou (Rui prefecture), during the Jin Dynasty. In 1233, he entered the Jin's bureaucracy until the Yuan Dynasty replaced. So displaced he became a hermit. But his mentor thought such an able and talented person should not be wasted, so recommended him to Kublai Khan as counselor.  Liu Bingzhong recommended to name the new dynasty as "Yuan" () with reference to The Changes, which was adopted later by Kublai Khan in 1271. He also suggested Kublai Khan to adopt the Chinese law, and removed some Mongolian misgovernment.  Kublai Khan recognized Jin's Central Capital as the Capital of the Yuan, and renamed it to Dadu (大都, "The Great Capital"). Liu Bingzhong was appointed as the supervisor of the Capital Construction of Dadu. He also formulated the Time Service Calendar with Guo Shoujing. When he became the teacher of Zhenjin, who later became the Crown Prince (皇太子), he set up the Zishan College in Wuon Mountain to teach Confucianism and Natural Science. In 1274, he died in Nanbing Mountain Villa.

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Though the character doesn’t not sound like a breakthrough role for Steven but still that what he wants. He has said that the minute he dons his period costume and his hairpiece he steps right into that period. His blood is stirred, and his character simply takes over him. This is a guy who despite his tight schedules took up a 2 year Chinese Ancient History course online out of self interest and also in hopes that with his gained knowledge he can become a better ancient drama actor. Add that to his initiative to learn Peking Opera mannerisms for his Cao Zi in WTLB, Steven is very well prepared for this role.

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