Thursday, September 15, 2011

video: MT disses SM

related video :  latter portion of MT's speech
video of MT dissing Steven Ma childish and lots more

From Ming Pao
Michael Tse's words : "If he truly said that then I feel that he was being immature, much like a little kid; like Daddy Mommy buying toys, buy for me but not for him!  40 points is only a number.  A series should look at the rating averages, the hits on the website, whether the viewers like it or not. It's not just looking at that one peak number.

As to TVB helping "Omission" to celebrate? MT said:"I didn't tout my own horn. There are numbers to prove it. The company noticed them that's why there's celebration to share the happiness."

Have he collaborated with Steven before? He said: "Many years ago collaborated on Cupid Stupid but it has not been aired. At the time, there wasn't even a blessing ceremony to commence production but he did not say anything. Maybe it was the company's policy. I did my part, did not feel left out."

So does he think Steven was being too petty? MT said: "I didn't say that."

This is the typical arrogance and self-importance of someone who has suddenly gained fame.  The more he talks the more obvious how ungracious, how insensitive and how pompous his attitude is.  Just look at him, expostulating over the rates with his body constantly twitching and his facial expression so shifty, and so fully inflated of himself and his own arrogance he could levitate off the floor. Michael seriously needs to learn some grace.

But whether Steven has truly complaint is still unverified.  What I think is that Steven will leave tvb soon, so all the negative press will start emerging, and worse will continue to follow until he finally leaves tvb. Happens all the time.

Furthermore, how a person handles success or failure, victory or defeat,  elation or disappointment, clearly shows the kind of person he is.  Steven is always gracious and introspective unlike MT.

Wonder how this news came about?  Remember how it was reported that Steven and Fala, and then just Steven bullied Linda Chung during Ghost Writer?  Is someone out to get Steven?


  1. In its first week of LOO's broadcast, I remember that Michael T was asked whether he has confidence in the TV King title and when told by the reporters that Steven also had confidence, he laughed loudly. When I read that, I thought it was already very disrespectful to Steven. But now he has gone too far with this comment. Especially the part: "40 points... it's not about the number, we should look at [...] and whether the audience like." Is he trying to say that the audience don't like Sentinel and only his LOO? WTF? He really offends the whole Sentinel cast and crew this way.

    And it's not like his LOO got high ratings because of him, Bosco deserves much more credit. Also, his non-Laughing roles in other dramas this year (ie TRB and ROAM) weren't any groundbreaking. ROAM is even the drama with the lowest ratings (if I don't remember wrongly).

    Besides, LOO got so many promotions, got hyped up heavily. An exaggerating amount of promotional events, live broadcast event, interviews, mobile apps, Laughing dolls... Yet it only reached 40 points highest, whereas Sentinel managed to read high ratings for its finale without all that.

    After all, Michael T worked with Steven before (Cupid Stupid). When reporters ask him such questions, he better shut up and say "no comment" or whatever, instead of starting a war.

  2. Lizzy, you are absolutely right! I realy hate MT not only because what he said but also his acting skill (realy don't like even one character of him)... Don't know it's just because I hate his character in CS or what... but I think he just like his "Star Koon": selfish, childish, arrogance.... >"<

  3. MT has no grace and no humility. Steven was actually asked his opinion in a phone interview about MT's calling him a kid, hence his weibo entry.

  4. I was absolutely appalled by Michael's cocky response....what a disgrace!

    Anyway, here's my comment on the same article on AF (you watch...I will probably get 'reamed' for my comment...but whatever -- don't really care anymore at this point...)


    What an arrogant and cocky response from Michael! I don't know what it is, but ever since he became popular with the Laughing character last year, it seems to have gotten to his I've said before, I've never understood the hype over Laughing anyway and I consider Michael 'lucky' that his character happened to appeal to majority of the audiences...instead of reacting with grace, he starts to take on a cocky attitude? WTH? Sorry, but based on everything I've read so far, I feel that the 'immature' one in this situation is Michael, not Steven...

  5. llwy12: You did not get 'reamed' for your comment in AF, in fact, your post has gotten the most merit pluses. Haha! Guess like me, many forumers agreed with you. MT truly crossed the line with his arrogance this time slandering a fellow's character with his derogatory remark.

  6. @tamaya: LOL...yea, I was surprised actually, considering how most of my comments dissing TVB (whether directly or indirectly)or the artists that they heavily promote tend to incur a firestorm of rage from people over there....

    Anyway, thanks for all your hard work on this matter. All the posts about the issue on your blog definitely gives alot of insight.

  7. I am not a fan of Michael or Steven, so I cannot say that I am in any way biased by being a "fangirl". But I must say, I really agree with you guys. A truly "mature" individual will not go around pointing fingers at others and calling them "child-like". So I find it quite hypocritical and ironic that he would label Steven as being immature since his response was also very childish.

    Also, from the news articles that I have read about Steven, he does not seem to be the type to be bothered by awards or celebrations. If he really cared, he would not have stayed with TVB for so many years. Without thinking deeply enough, he drew such a quick conclusion… then he responds with an offensive comment, Michael truly have some inner reflection that needs to be done.

    To even label Steven (or anyone) as a “nagger” or “child because his parents won’t buy him toys” is extremely offensive. This is especially true for a grown man like Steven. Please, popularity does not give anyone the rights to insult others.

    Instead of acting cocky from his relatively undeserving fame (I did not appreciate his laughing gor character much), I think he would gain a lot more by spending his extra time learning on how to become a better actor. (I am not saying that he is a good or bad actor, but there’s always room for improvements even when you reach to the levels like Felix or Anthony Wong) Even though I cannot call myself a Steven fan, but I have great appreciation for how dedicated he is as an actor. From what I know, he is an actor that would go out of his way to learn Chinese opera just to have better posture when he acts in ancient dramas.

    So an advice to Michael, even when you feel that you are at the top of the clouds at the moment... just don’t forget, karma will come back and hurt you if you act in such a disrespectful way.

  8. Anonymous: Appreciate your dropping by with your comment. Apparently on the forums I visited, (English & Chinese) most people find MT's remark extremely offensive and disrespectful, too, not to mention being put off by his arrogance.