Thursday, September 15, 2011


9/15 20:26  Hence the so-called every household has its own unique problems*.  Other people's business if don't know the inside story, really it's inappropriate to comment.  Of course, if constructive opinions and concern I will be infinitely grateful. Regardless, I can only respond with a thank you for your concern.  Actually, since this is a situation between the company and me, let the company and I take care of it then.  Ratings and celebrations whatnots; if it is only these, it would be so much simpler! Haha! Please give me some time to take care of it, ok? Thank you! 

Steven's weibo response to MT's quip or to Apple Daily report?
Michael Tse's comment over Steven Ma's dissatisfaction over his series getting high finale rating but not acknowledged, and did not even have a celebration. Asked Michael if he had called up Steven to console him, and tell him not to be so petty. Michael said: "If he truly said it then I feel that he was being immature. Acting like a little kid fighting over a toy, saying parents being biased."

所謂家家有本難唸的經。別人的事,既然不知內情,實在 不宜多言。當然,善意的意見和關心,我絕對感激無限。反之,我也只能回句多謝關心。其實,這是我和公司之間的事,那就讓我和公司好好去處理吧。什麼收視什 麼慶祝,若果只是這些,那就簡單多了!哈哈,請給我一點時間處理好嗎,謝謝!

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