Tuesday, September 20, 2011

weibo: 9/19/2011

Guess what, news blip..............!
Revolutionary change in the HK scriptwriters world.

9/19 20.14 枝Lam: Today is a very bustling day inside the Hong Kong television circle!  A "whirlwind" style unyielding upsurge has be set off. To combat this violent storm, in an unprecedented move,TV station (sic:tvb) will adjust their scriptwriters' salaries with substantial increments!! It is not just about money issue but that this group of talented specialists who have been exploited for many years and whose monetary worth has been unfairly depressed can now finally receive the fair market value and their deserving ...dignity!! Fellow colleagues, add oil!

安娜貓Anna : Even if the paycheck is raised, but that dignity, can really fight for it? 

賈偉南HK: Totally agree, still a lot of people around to trample over the scriptwriters.

Steven Ma: 9/19  22:15 A script is the mainstay of a drama; only with a good story, good characters and a good backbone can there be a good drama, and develop good actors! Therefore, as an insignificant actor, I salute all scriptwriters and cheer out loud. 

note: 枝Lam is one of the scriptwriters for The Times and Life of a Sentinel.
Guess we are beginning to see the effect of external competitions on TVB.


9/20 18:09 I've said it before, don't point the gun at my head,.......because.........I will..........cry!

偶遇這隻可愛狗狗,雖是第一次見面,但牠的溫馴、友善、聽話、可愛,實在教人不能不愛。狗,是人類的好朋友,當然,我也明白和體諒、更接受有人怕狗或不喜 歡狗,但不管喜歡不喜歡,不傷害不殘虐就可以了。當然,對待其他寵物也敬希一致。人類是萬物之靈,但不代表擁有操控生死的權力。人對人,也一樣。

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