Wednesday, September 14, 2011

weibo: assorted

9/14/ 11:00Had not played balls for many days, so rare today I could battle for 5 hours before returning to the studio to shoot "Prosperous Father", truly very happy.  Shooting often took up 27-28 hours to finish.  But to me just by sleeping cannot revive my energy.  Only by hitting balls or exercise will give my body a full charge.  The mid-autumn festival has passed, everybody will be busy again, wishing you happiness and success in all your undertakings.

9月13日 14:31   Hong Kong island has an unique feature, which is "ding ding". The tram though not air-conditioned, but it is cheap and convenient. All these years, it has given the city residents many memories! Seeing them neatly lined up along the track  on the road, their cables criss-crossing in mid-air, and when coordinated with a passing by "ding ding", this picture is very beautiful, and also very nostalgic.  I like it!

9/12 14:21 Apprentice Chef's final competition garnered a rating of 20 points, not too bad. Thank you everybody for your support, and also thank you to a group of hardworking behind-the-scenes colleagues, especially Markar, who was in charge of every big and small stuff.  Thank you for your efforts!  Later will invite AC for a scrumptious meal! Wishing everybody a prosperous mid-autumn festival. 

多天沒打球,難得今天可以大戰五小時再回廠拍「當旺爸爸」,真是開心。拍戲常常收27 28,但對我來說,光是睡覺,精神是補不回來的。唯有打球或健身,才能給我身心來個完全的充電。中秋過後,大家要繼續忙碌,祝大家事事開心、順利。




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