Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Pen Ma: What party do I belong to?

One Pen Ma
source: Clear Newspaper (晴報)

What party do I belong to?
Actually, is your company truly divided into different parties? Is there really a Zhan Jie Party, a Stephen Chan Party, and a Lok Party?” In recent years, many friends have asked me this question.

Recently, the above-mentioned “parties” under the media’s reporting and depiction, whether per popularity or fervency, they definitely do not take a backseat to the Democratic Party or to DAB*. But the latter is of lawful political parties while the former is of parties within a company; do they really exist? Different people different opinion.

Take me for instance: in 1996, from singer to tv series actor; in 2006, signed TVB as management agency, both undertaken after listening to Zhan Jie’s (Catherine Tsang)opinions and analysis; add that to all the years of Zhan Jie’s spurring me on to improve my acting and other artistic skills, in my heart, Zhan Jie has always been my mentor and because of this, some media has taken to labeling me as Zhan Jie ‘head horse’, and summarily put me in the so-called Zhan Jie Party.

In 2009, my TVB contract ended. I had made up my mind to venture outside but later Mr. Chan (Stephen Chan) looked me up to discuss the contract renewal. Frankly, at the time, I was not very familiar with Mr. Chan, but our contract negotiation process was very pleasant. After the contract renewal, Mr. Chan’s promises to me were being fulfilled one after another. I once publicly thanked Mr. Chan for keeping his promises, thus, I was put into Mr. Chan's party or labeled as a Mai Wan member.(迷雲黨)

In 2006, I signed up TVB as management agency. The artistes management department has always been under Ms. Lok (Virginia Lok). Frankly, I am truly not very familiar with Ms. Lok. From signing the contract, to renewing the contract to the present day, the number of times that we actually sat down to seriously talk is far in between; five fingers can count them all. Moreover, I have always focus my attention onto shooting series, so besides the manager responsible for my job, my relationship with the artistes management department is indeed a little bit distant. Hence, the media practically never labeled me a "Lok Party" member.

Basically that's the state of affairs. So, what party do I belong to? Let me very earnestly reiterate one more time that I have never belonged to any party and, furthermore, I do not believe a listed company will allow employees to so blatantly formed parties and set up factions! But on a more emotional level, people generally will develop different affinity with different people, but, regardless of whether the affinity is deep or shallow, so long the public and private interests are clearly demarcated, there's no problem, right? And besides, no matter how the worldly situations may change, my attitude will always remain the same.

Actually, the ways of the world will change but human relations may not necessarily change. Everybody is a unit, but all are standing in the same big world. The big world continues to change but it does not mean that individual attitude and stance will follow the winds of change. Generally, what's change is the speculation as to what is in the other person's heart, and not on the person that is been speculated on.

Using an old saying, instead of wasting time and energy on speculation why not live for the present and treasure what you have, spending each day positively.

*DAB: 民主建港協進聯盟, Democratic alliance for the betterment of Hong Kong (DAB), Hong Kong pro-Beijing party

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