Sunday, September 11, 2011

weibo: mid-autum festival

Happy moon cake festival to you all!

9/11 11:25 "The moon is especially bright in mid-autumn, festivals intensify the homesickness for loved ones." (tn: poem) During festivals, how to celebrate is secondary, the ability to gather with loved ones is the true treasure.  No matter how busy you are or are separated in different places, if can meet is undoubtedly good, if not then don't forget to phone in your regards and best wishes.  Here's wishing everybody a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, an all around reunion!

9/11 22:58 Tonight will welcome mid-autumn festival in studio 12.  We trio wish everybody a "happy mid-autumn festival."

月到中秋份外明 每逢佳節倍思親」。大時大節,如何慶祝是其次,能與至親相聚才是貴寶。不管各有忙碌、或是分隔兩地,能見面固然至好,未能相見,也別忘打一通電話,送上一個至真至親的問候和祝福。祝大家中秋快樂、團團圓圓!


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