Saturday, September 10, 2011

SM & Dada Chan in mid-autumn festival event

wenweipo  [2011-09-11]

Yesterday, Steven Ma and Dada Chan Jing were at Landmark North for a Mid-Autumn festival event.  Dada was attired in a deep V dress showing off her 'career line'.  Steven cooked a dish of lobster balls on site. He revealed that he would be shooting his new series, Prosperous Father, on the day of Mid-Autumn festival so would not be able to have a celebratory dinner with family. 

When asked if he has had dinner with Stephen Chan to celebrate, Steven expressed that: "We have talked on the phone, but we're all busy so didn't have time to have dinner together, maybe later."  (But the Dept of Justice has appealed his acquittal.)  "I saw the news. I personally am not worried for him.  The matter has gone into a different level. Hope he'll be all right.  I've confidence in him."  

There was this rumor that executive Virginia Lok was being poached from outside with a huge sum of money;  (Ms. Lok quipped that tvb flows in her blood.) asked Steven if he had heard of it? Steven said: "Apparently she has denied that.  Actually, at her position, it's not that easy to change. TVB is a listed company, has a checks and balances structure installed. It cannot change just like that. "  Earlier on it was said that he and Ms. Lok had had problems renewing his contract.  Upon hearing it, Steven expressed: "I signed my contract with an organization not with a certain person, during the contract renewal I met with several high executives. I look at the job not at a certain person. "

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