Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011 Singapore poll on tvb artistes

Don't understand why no photos of the top ranked actors on above page.

Don't know how this Singapore poll of top ten tvb artists was conducted, but anyway, Raymond Lam and Steven both ranked 1st on the poll, although the article headlined only Raymond bagging the top spot leaving out Steven's name. It didn't even deign to mention Steven's name at all in the whole article despite him being also ranked first.

2011 Singapore Top 10 actors: 1) Raymond Lam, Steven Ma 2) Michael Tse 3) Bosco Wong 5)Moses Chan 6)Wayne Lai, Kevin Cheng, 7) Kenneth Ma, Roger Kwok, Bobby Au Yeung 8) Ron Ng, Michael Miu 9) Ruco Chan 10) Raymond Wong

top 10 actresses: 1) Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen 2) Myolie Wu 3) Linda Chung 4)Sheren Tang 5)Kate Tsui 6) Michelle Yim, 7) Natalie Tang, Louise Lee 8) Charmaine Sheh 9) Crystal Tin 10) Aimee Chan

And per Singapore Multimedia's report Top 5 most favorite tvb series are:
1) Omission of Truth 2) Ghetto Justice 3) The Other Truth 4) The Rippling Blossom5) The life and times of a Sentinel

Like I said, don't know how this poll works, so take it with a grain of salt. But it is good to know that Steven and TLATOAS made the list.  But shocked at Charmaine's ranking, she who always ranked 1st in the past, just go to show the fickleness of tv audiences.

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