Thursday, October 6, 2011

One pen Ma - Birthday Celebration

One Pen Ma: October 6th 2011

Birthday Celebration
慶生I seldom made a big deal of celebrating my birthday, even if celebrate, the most will be having dinner with some close friends, drinking wine and socializing. Moreover, all these years my birthdays were mostly spent at work accompanied by colleagues and career, this kind of celebration is not bad at all!

Truth is, I dread an elaborate planned out birthday: venue hunting, coordinating this and that, guest list, seating placement; all these troublesome little details, I declare myself incapable. Conversely, among my entertainment friends, there are many who possess such capability. They are filled with enthusiasm; clear-sighted and not petty; though undoubtedly a purely volunteering act but if arrangement was slightly off, they were quick to apologize to everybody. For instance, like the regular badminton activity, there are a few friends who are responsible for the overall coordination. Their selflessness deserves respect and emulation.

Back to birthday, another reason for my apathy toward organizing a birthday celebration is this: I believe that for all birthdays, what should be celebrated and be grateful for is the mother. Ten months of conception, in her most painful moment brought me into the world at the risk of her own life in return for my “qua qua” (tn: loud cries) deliverance. Hence, in all my birthdays I would always say to my mother: “Happy Birthday!”

TN: Steven's birthday is Oct 26th. He will spend it either in Mongolia or Hengdian.

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