Friday, October 28, 2011

birthday cards

10/ 28 22:09 These two birthday cards, one was given by Fala, the other by Linda.  So who give which card? Can you guess? P.S. Though Tavia did not give card but what she wanted to say she said it all to me! These three sisters; as brother I will surely love them forever! 

Tavia 10/28 23:24  : Hai yo, (that's right) though I did not give card, but I, this sheep, am also very fond of this horse wo. My guess is that top is Fala's, the bottom is Linda's. 
Steven 馬浚偉 10/28 23:39 It's in the heart already, Yueng mie mei![愛你] 

TN: Aww! How sweet of Steven declaring his brotherly love for his 3 sisters. 
My guess is top card is Fala's, bottom is Linda's.

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