Monday, October 24, 2011

Rumors on SM's TVB contract

Singtao newspaper.  10/24/2011

Next year, Steven Ma's TVB management contract will end, but because of his discord with Production Resources Departmental head, Virginia Lok, he has decided to end the contract early.  However since 6th Aunt, Mona Fong has especially demanded management to retain Steven, the contract negotiation has since been taken over by Stephen Chan to try to do just that.  It is rumored that to retain Steven, TVB had planned to present him "My Most Favorite TV Character" for his character in 'Sentinel' in this year award ceremony as incentive.  But Steven has made up his mind to leave the nest and is determined to end his contract early, TVB now plans to present it to Kevin Cheng for his role in Ghetto Justice.  It is rumored that Steven has already secretly signed up with the agent company that is also Charmaine Sheh and Bernice Liu's agent, and that once his contract ends June, next year, he will officially get on board.  However, since Steven's relationship with Stephen Chan is good, there is a chance that like Charmaine Sheh, he will sign a per series contract with TVB, and will occasionally return to nest to film series.

source: singtao
TN: I don't thing Steven can sign any contract when still contracted to TVB so I will definitely take the italicized rumored with a grain of salt.

Like I said, don't believe about Steven secretly signing mgmt contract with a different agency.

from: ihktv weibo 10/25
Even though Steven is acquainted with Charmaine Sheh's colleague of the production company that she signed up with and that they (Steven and company) have talked about his career direction, but for now, Steven is not thinking of signing up with any management company. And moreover he does not want to complicate things right now. As to the rumors that TVB will trade awards for contract renewal, Steven said: "Of course not. There was never anybody (in TVB) who offered that trade off with me.  Anyway, I myself do not have that kind of thinking.  Awards and contracts should not have connection. Shooting series is not for getting awards. Please, everybody, don't over speculate."

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