Monday, October 24, 2011

Towards TVB, Steven Ma’s Heart is as calm as still water.

Yesterday Steven Ma and Myolie Wu attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new Clarks store, a shoe brand company, during which time, they presented a painting of Chinese writing as a well wisher gift for a thriving and prosperous business. When asked how his contract negotiation was going with TVB, Steven expresses that in November he will be in mainland China shooting a series, so his contract issue with TVB should be resolved by then. November 19 is TVB anniversary gala but Steven will not be able to attend because he will not be in Hong Kong then. As for the December award ceremony, he may be able to attend. (Is it because he will get an award?) Steven emphasizes his attendance in the award ceremony is not because he will get an award, and that he does not barter conditions with TVB for an award.

(When will you be back?) May not make it for the TVB anniversary gala but TVB hopes that I can make it for the December awards ceremony." (TVB hinted you should attend?) Maybe to attend as presenter to present awards to newcomers? Still don’t know if I’ll be nominated or not. If nominated then most likely for “Sentinel”. If I can make it then I’ll be there.” When asked if he will get an award? He laughs and says: “Don’t think so.” (Will getting an award make you stay?) “As person should not have this kind of trade-off. I shoot series not for awards; I only want to do a good job in shooting the series.” (Heart calm like still water?) “Haha! Just happens that my role in my next tv series is a monk. Maybe preparing my mindset for that role.”

Steven reveals that tomorrow he will be shooting a canned food advertisement. Is TVB trying to sweeten the conditions with numerous advertisements for Steven before he leaves? Steven denies that TVB offers him sweetened terms and conditions. What matters most is his own happiness so he hopes that before he leaves for mainland, the issue is resolved with a clarified path for him to take. Steven said: "He said: “I’ve feelings for TVB. Our relationship is still good. Only that this current management contract is not suited for me. But we have lots of room for a different collaboration.”

Does Steven know about Charmaine Sheh urging colleagues to leave the nest? He said: “Her company has already publicly announced and clarified that she was not involved. I don’t think Charmaine will get herself into such a situation. I definitely believe Charmaine. It must have been a misunderstanding. ” 

TN: Incredible how different the contents of news reports can be though the reporters attended the same event. So I combined the salient points from Ming Pao and Singpao together into this article.

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  1. First of all, happy birthday to Steven (I wished him in weibo last night already). 40 years, a special age, hope this number will bring him luck and new start/direction. :)

    Now I give my opinion on what is said in this article and the other articles of this event.
    Although I support Steven, I thought two things he said weren't kinda inappropriate to say.

    1) He shouldn't reveal out of sudden that TBB hopes he will come to the awards ceremony. No reporters would otherwise know that TBB actually put efforts into asking him to go, and because it came from Steven own mouth, it sounds like TBB wanted him to attend so so much. Saying this only stirs up rumors (people speculate TBB wanted to give him an award, and this only strengthens the idea of 'awards in exchange of contract'). Although Steven immediately said: "As person should not have this kind of trade-off", which is a good thing, but the reports about this exposion followed already: "TBB will give My Favorite Male Character Award to Kevin Cheng instead of Steven Ma" (Singtao) and probably more.
    He should just have kept silence until his contract issue is resolved, then he can announce the outcome. Since negotiations are still going on, then it's kinda inappropriate to reveal this for no reason. Isn't it?
    I know Steven had no bad intentions and probably just blurted that out after the reporters kept on questioning him. But he's doing more harm to himself this way.
    "November 19 is TVB anniversary gala but Steven will not be able to attend because he will not be in Hong Kong then. As for the December award ceremony, he may be able to attend." I believe the contract issue will be resolved way before the ceremony, so if the outcome is that his contract will be terminated and thus be free from TVB, then no use to attend any TBB shows at all. He doesn't have to waste his time to specially travel back to HK for something that hasn't to do with him. But if the outcome is that his contract will not be terminated and thus continue until June, then as a TVB managed artist, he have the duty to try his best to attend TBB shows as possible. The anniversary gala (Nov 19th) is much more important than the awards show, since it is THE event to celebrate TBB's birthday. And anniversary is meant for celebration, awards are just placed in the same period (it used to be during the same day). So if Steven just specially make time and fly back for the awards ceremony and not for the more important gala celebration, then it kinda says an award is involved for the outcome of the negotations. And because he made this remark (of TVB wanting him to attend so much), then it doesn't help at all, because the speculations are bigger than ever. And when he attends and wins an award, then it confirms that awards are fixed.

  2. (My comment was exceeding the limits of characters, so I have to split into two parts =.=)

    2) In the other article he said: "Perhaps they want me to appear as an award presenter, for categories such as the Best Newcomer or Most Improved awards." There's no such award as Best Newcomer, being in TBB for that long he of course knows that. I wouldn't consider Most Improved Award an award for newcomers, since any artist, from young to old, experienced or not, can receive this award. It is meant for an actor with the most improvements in acting within the year. Raymond Wong got it last year, he is definitely not a newcomer, but has 13 years experience in acting when he won it. Moses, who was the first winner of this newly introduced award in 2002, won it and few years later he already won Best Actor. He wasn't a newcomer back then and I don't think any of a 'real' newcomer would manage to win Best Actor in such short time.
    Besides, his way of phrasing the sentence makes it sound like he's looking down upon this award. His first phrase that he probably thinks that they want him to be an award presenter, gives off a positive feeling, because many award presenters are either veterans or someone with high status in the industry. Being an award presenter is definitely an honour, when seeing the field of past award presenters. However his second phrase "for categories such as" makes it sound like it's not that good as it sounds, because it's for some crappy unimportant award. The "Most Improved Award" is not a category to be ashamed of, definitely not when seeing the past award presenters of this award (Deborah Lee, Patrick Tse, Stanley Fung, Eric Tsang, Francis Ng, Athena Chu, Michael Miu, etc.). I think being in the same list as them as an award presenter isn't that bad, why look down upon this category?

    Sorry that I mouthed some words incorrectly. Anyways I'm just expressing my opinion, hope you won't be upset! I know you will definitely disagree with what I said, so fire your counterarguments to me! :)