Monday, October 3, 2011

Steven Ma avoided talks on his quitting.

 see Steven's weibo response to his reported refusal to take picture with VL.

Steven Ma avoids talks on his quitting. (excerpt)
Last night, after the anniversary show ended, Steven Ma, who recently complained about TVB’s cold treatment towards him, o declined reporters’ request to have his pictures taken with Virginia Lok, claiming he was too busy as a pretext. Catherine Tsang who was behind immediately pulled him away.  Recently there was a rumor that 6th Aunt indicated by name that Steven Ma is to be retained by management. When asked, Steven said that was just a rumor and he did hear it personally. He revealed that when Prosperous Father wraps up this week, he will discuss further with the company of their future collaboration since he will be heading to mainland at the end of this month, and will not be back in Hong Kong until Chinese New Year, so he wants to get everything resolved before he leaves.   When asked whether he leans towards leaving or staying? He said he cannot disclose that.  When asked what can the company do to move him to stay?  Steven said: “Have been in TVB for 18 years.  Today I’m very happy to be able to attend the lighting ceremony. Even if this new series is the last series, it will not affect my indebtedness toward TVB. TVB is my place of origin. Maybe the form of collaboration will change but money will not be the main cause.”
Will this be his last anniversary lighting attendance? Steven only said: “Life is full of infinite possibilities. No matter what form of collaboration in the future, this is the place where I grew up, if the company needs me in anyway, I’ll come back.”   When asked if he is negotiating with Stephen Chan or other people, he said he had talked with both Stephen Chan and Catherine Tsang but right now he does not have the time because he shooting a series. 
Salient points.
Steven says Prosperous Father will wrap up production on the 8th of this week.  He will resolve the contract situation before leaving for mainland to shoot a series. Steven says: "Anyway whatever the outcome, I'm greatly indebted to TVB. No matter what, it is the place of my origin. My feeling will not change, even if it changes, it will just change in the form of collaboration.

tn:Despite his discord with Virginia Lok, Steven still attended the ceremony to show support to TVB.

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