Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Steven's weibo response to his 'refusal' to take pix with VL

10/4  15:13 Haha! I did not refuse. When media friends requested a duo picture, I was standing (ready for the picture), "oh, ok!" many times already, but on one side, Ms. Lok was chatting away with other artists and having their pictures taken. On this side, a promo dept colleague was hurrying me to leave so as to get on with my shooting of the series. So Zhan jie pulled me out and told me to go to the studio to finish up the shooting. Only then did I jest that I'm busy!  No need to be so sensitive, or over think.  Anyway my attitude is the same as before! The company is my place of origin; regardless of future changes my friendship with it will never change.

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