Sunday, October 16, 2011

Book - Superman, laser, fight monsters

From young I'd longed to possess   super powers, from as far back as the movie, ’Superman’, and as recent as ‘The Fantastic Four’; even the anime characters, ‘The Incredibles’, are all favorites of mine.  

Don’t know why, but every time I watch this kind of film, I am especially immersed in it. As I watched I loved to imagine myself as the movie’s hero possessing an abnormal super power fighting for justice and saving the world!  

Don’t know when I often fantasized that I could fly into the sky.  I do not need any special movement nor do I need to do somersaults to fly into the sky, just thinking about it in my heart, and off I go flying into the sky, soaring towards the horizon.

Also don’t know when I started fantasizing I could shoot out laser beams. Just point with a finger, and laser beam will shoot out from the finger tip.  This kind of laser is divided into ten grades, each finger possessing a different grade.  As a group when shoot all at once from ten fingers, its synergized power is unbeatable.  All the demons and monsters cannot combat its power, and one by one, they all fall down.  Haha! So silly ba! However, these fantasies were very important to me then. Life on earth, reality has so many things that made us feel impotent. When work hard everyday but the harvest is way beneath what is sowed; when evil tyrannizes and righteousness can only wait in stoic silence; when loved ones eternally departed from earth, who can resurrect the dead?  There are so much helplessness in living. Should or should not? Can or cannot?  They always challenged my confidence and perseverance.

Not being pessimistic, just that I believe the first step to resolving an issue or a predicament is to confront and admit its existence. No matter how arduous or how much we strive in the end the defining success or failure lies outside our hands. However, during the resistance process, employing some fantasizing to satisfy the need of the soul or to comfort the heart’s discontent should do no harm!  

Even today, I still like to fantasize. I am still imbued with a longing to possess a super power, only that the super power that I now pursue has become my desire to posses the power to exceed my own ability.  My innermost wish is that one day I can truly surpass myself and to exceed my own limitation, and be able to excel to a higher hierarchy in my life; to become a true ‘superman’.  

Steven Ma's 圖文並謬  pg 72-73
scan credit Steven Ma weibo

TN: Steven speaks the truth inside us. How many of us wish we have some kind of superpower to take away some of our own helpless feelings and make things better for us or for our love ones? 

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