Friday, October 21, 2011

weibo re: 2 year old todder's left to die

10/21 12:57 A short life leaving behind an indescribable pain; a heartbreaking reality leaving behind an inescapable reflection. When can all be awakened? Humans need to be awakened? Even more so, society needs to be awakened? A toddler’s life, can it re-awaken people to value the moral code of the past?  This one painful accident, can it re-awaken people to decency and inner beauty? Hope, it will do all that!  Poor child, don’t worry, not painful anymore. See you in Heaven!
10/17 11:50  True, but should not underestimate one person’s power, if able to influence one person at a time, then should not give up.  The so-called “moral is not alone, will have neighbors”.  Aside; though I was born in Hong Kong, (tn: refer to other comments) it does not mean I do not know of mainland’s living conditions, and doesn’t change the fact that I’m a Chinese.  It is not about politics; though fully aware of the problematic atmosphere (tn: politics) but while there is still a breath left, there’s no harm to raise the issues as a wake-call to ourselves and to be discussed among us. At least, don’t sweep the issues under the rug! Right?  

@ SM fan christy_sisi:  Today’s people facing myriad scams and a weak legal system; to protect themselves so become cold-hearted,’s a kind of helplessness!  And also the greatest tragedy of human nature, but it is an outcome that can’t be changed by one person. 

10/17 10:45  The drivers were definite responsible for the tragedy of the two year old toddler in Foshan. What about the indifferent passers-by?  Rationale analysis, this kind of conduct is cold-blooded. But from objectivity point of view, was it really callousness? For fear of problematic entanglement? Or fear of being harm for one’s good deed?  Indeed, all over the country, there have been cases of scams calculated to harm well-intentioned people.  I’ve always believed that human nature is basically good but if people become indifferent   for self-preservation reason where does the responsibility lie? This is a big mistake? Or a great tragedy...  

TN: RIP! Yue Yue!

From what I read, the mom was at the dry cleaner either dropping off or picking up her clothes. So it was just a momentary lapse of inattention during the transaction when she probably had to let go of her child's hand. It could happen to anybody. Though the mother cannot be absolved from blame but given the great tragedy I couldn't bring myself to condemn her but could only sympathize with her for her great loss and for her great guilt. Father wasn't there. Though I condemn the drivers and the passers-by for their callousness and indifference, respectively; I condemn China's government even more for improper protection of its citizens from harm. And of course those who criticized the 'good Samaritan' for her kindness has my absolute condemnation. Some commenter jested that the elderly woman was so 'brave' because she doesn't go on weibo so did not know of Pengyu case. haiz!

weibo in Chinese:

 10/17 10:45 佛山兩歲女孩慘劇,司機絕對有責任。那麼見死不救的途 人?理性上分析,行為是冷血的。但從客觀層面分析,是真無情?為怕多一事不如少一事?還是擔心好心反被害?我國各地的確出現過陰謀性設計謀害好心人的事 例。我從來相信人性本善,但人若因為求自保而視而不見,責任到底在那?這是大錯?還是悲哀...


10/21 12:57 短暫的生命,留下一種不能形容的痛;悲涼的現實,留下 一種不能逃避的反思。什麼時候才醒悟?人類要醒悟?社會要醒悟?國家要醒悟?一個小孩的性命,能否再次喚醒人們從前的道德價值?一次冷痛的意外,能否再次 喚醒人們從前的真善美仁?希望,一切都能!可憐的孩子,別怕,不再痛了。天國再遇!


  1. poor little child!!! In my country, they also reported this news... Can't hold my tear when reading it.