Friday, October 21, 2011

Steven Ma's Words of "Temporary Parting" Smack of Overtones

馬浚偉直言臨別秋波 10/21/2011 

Yesterday, Linda Chung, Steven Ma and Edwin Siu filmed a scene in a Tsim Sha Tsui restaurant for Prosperous Father. The trio has a relationship entanglement. Linda knows Steven is coughing, so she considerately offers a cough drop to him, but drops it accidentally. When Edwin tries to pick it up for her, they accidently kissed on the lips.

Steven reveals that after this series is done he will head up to the mainland China, so will not be attending the anniversary ceremony. When queried how his contract negotiation going? He said: The company is pro-actively discussing the matter with me. The process is going well. I hope the direction (tn: career path) will be settled before my leaving for mainland. Once a decision is reached, I’ll announce it to everybody.” (Did Ricky Wong* contact you?) “I did meet with him; will see it as making a new friend, nothing to it.”

During an NG scene between Linda and Edwin, a crew member, in an effort to relax the atmosphere, joked: “Relax, someone will soon depart expressing loving parting glances. Upon which, Steven promptly corrected, “It’s not ‘lengthy separation’ but ‘temporary separation’. Steven’s words seemed full of overtones!

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