Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Pen Ma: Talk on the phone

source: Clear Newspaper
column: One Pen Ma

Friends who know me know that I have this proclivity, which is, I don't like to talk on the phone. f there is a lengthy conversation then wait until face to face to talk in length; if there is information to impart then best to use text message.  Of course, this does not include some causal chats or greetings, but as to chatting over the phone, I truly do not enjoy it all that much.

I recall when I was a salesman and had to talk to customers everyday about company business.  In my recollection the longest time I had ever talked to a customer was about 4 hours.  When I finally hung up, the receiver was burning hot; my ear all red; and my head all swollen. Maybe because of this past experience, I now scared of talking in the phone.

With the advance technology, communication through phone is common and a necessity.  Hence, telemarketing of all kinds of products and services is becoming very common.  Of course, receiving such calls in inconvenient time and improper places will evoke inconveniences or exasperation.  But thinking deeper, that unknown salesperson from the phone has to constantly make these phone calls daily and talk in the phone.  I believe the ratio of them being hung up on or being scolded cannot be low.  Comparatively, this job is truly not easy.

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科 技发达,电话通讯已是日常、也是必须的。因此,各种各样透过电话作产品或服务的推广活动也愈见普遍。当然,若在不适当的时间地点收到这类电话,也许会引来 不便或感觉烦人,但细心想想,话筒中那不认识的推广员,每天从早到晚不停拨电话、讲电话,相信他们被挂线或挨骂的机率绝对不低。将心比心,这工作,其实也 真不易啊。


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